Bethesda Shows New Glimpse of Starfield with Explanation of “The Settled Systems”

Bethesda Game Studios just released a new video that provides some more details about their upcoming Action- RPG set in space, Starfield. This game is set to release late in 2022 as a Microsoft exclusive.

In this video, Bethesda Design Director Emil Pagliarulo explains The Settled Systems which is an area of our solar system in the year 2330. He goes on to explain that 20 years before the start of the game the 2 largest factions in the settled systems (The United Colonies and The Freestar Collective) engaged in a war.

By 2330, the settled systems “enjoy an uneasy peace”, but there are still lots of threats and dangers to the player. He goes on to show some concept art of different types of characters and enemies.

You may encounter these mysterious strangers as you explore the starfield as part of the organization Constellation, whose goal it is to uncover the mysteries of the galaxy.

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