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Switch Online Expansion Pack Pricing Revealed…

When Nintendo announced the addition of N64 to the Switch Online Service, I was really excited. Like many of us, I grew up playing the N64 and though I often hear that there are only 10 or so good games, I think there are a lot of hidden gems on the system. This presents an awesome opportunity for Nintendo to expose a younger audience to some great games that are barely talked about today.

Not only did Nintendo announce the N64 for the Switch Online Expansion Pack, but they also announced the addition of the Sega Genesis. This one threw me a little bit. I like the Genesis as much as the next guy, but it seems out of left field to add this system as opposed to another Nintendo console (i.e. Gameboy or GBA).

But lets talk about the pricing. Yikes… I don’t know what else to say. $49.99 annually and $79.99 for the family membership. That just seems really steep for what we are getting. That puts the price in the ballpark of online offerings from Sony and Microsoft, but without the benefits that they offer.

Content creators in both the Youtube and blog spheres have collectively lost their minds over this. I mean, just look at the like/dislike ratio on Nintendo’s announcement video.


Right now, it doesn’t seem worth it based on the announcements from Nintendo. However, I will hold my final opinion until it officially launches and maybe Nintendo will provide later updates that will make the price point seem more appealing.

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