• Free Browser Game: Japan World Cup 2
  • Free Indie Game: GENERIC
  • 10800 zombies
  • Trailer: Celestial Mechanica
  • 0 A.D. by Wildfire Games

Free Browser Game: Japan World Cup 2

What a truly odd find.  This isn’t really much of an indie game, or even a game really.  It’s pretty much an advergame but somehow my brain wasn’t sure what they were advertising and I just kind of zoned out while giggling.  There is no English to go off of, so after about 2 min of just clicking random things, I figured out that I was betting on horse races… horse races on crack.  I bet everything on my first race and won about 15,000!


Sooooo check out Japan World Cup 2 if you feel like killing some time and laughing it up a bit.



Free Indie Game: GENERIC

Another fun find today while sifting through a few years of free indie games.  GENERIC… thats only the title, which is rather misleading consider the unique gem it really is.  The game was made by Avri Teikari, a Finnish developer that goes by the name Hempuli.  GENERIC has that classic retro art style, along with some styling shout outs to Mario with mushroom enemies and the question mark coin boxes.

Free Game: GENERIC

The premises seems simple enough; collect coins and gems, then reach the goal.  Only in this game you are armed with this ridiculous laser that will destroy ANYTHING in it’s path.  So far I seem to have a knack for trying to shoot a path over to a bit of loot and obliterating the goal, leaving me with no choice other than erasing the entire screen and starting over.  Truly a clever little game.

So yeah, It’s FREE!  PLAY IT!




10800 zombies

10800 Zombies It’s been a blast going through these indie games I have missed over the last 2 or so years, and I gotta say I’m glad this one came back into my sight again.  10800 Zombies was released in 2009 by Jan Willem Nijman of slordig.com, but he is now releasing his games for the Dutch independent game studio Vlambeer.com.

Growing up I was your standard against the grain kid, so metal and horror movies were my kind of thing.  Now in my late 20s, I find my self only seconds into this game bobbing my head something fierce to this jamming MIDI basting from my computer.  I just zoned right out, blasting away and jamming.

The game play itself is really familiar for any action platformer fan, just jumping around and shooting onslaughts of enemies to the wicked end level bosses.

10800 Zombies is free.  Play it.



Trailer: Celestial Mechanica


Came across this trailer of a new platformer that should be released in a few weeks.  Looks like a classic platformer with a few new mechanics and puzzle twists.  Seems most of your defense is based on offense.  You use your enemies weapons against them for both survival and puzzle solving. Man this looks fun.


0 A.D. by Wildfire Games

Wildfire Games just released ”0 A.D. Alpha 5 Edetania” which is the fifth alpha of their new classic warfare RTS game called 0 A.D. PC, Linux and Mac.  Being a fan of Age of Empires I thought I should take a crack at this game.


This really is a decent RTS for any fan of the genre, and with the price tag of free on it you don’t have a reason to pass over this one.



For way more information about the game download, community and developers head on over to indiedb.com.

0 A.D. Alpha 5 Preview – Indie DB